Board of Trustees

Our people are the essence of what we are. Without people, there is no religion, no thought, no virtue, no meaning, no hope, no love, no reason,no truth.

By sharing our gifts of caring, time, dedication, financial support, and personal efforts, the people of our congregation come together in community and do the work and business of our faith. For these gifts we offer our continuing thanks.

The congregation is supported by a professional staff and much of the work of the congregation is done by our ministry teams.

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Kristen Fowks has been a member at Northwest for over 20 years with husband Tony Barbagallo and their two sons, Nick and Nathan, both of whom are now in college. She has servkristen fowksed Northwest in many capacities: RE teacher, RE committee member, Long-Range Planning Committee and aided in the development of our Mission statement. She has also been involved with Communications, Fellowship, the annual auction, Interim search committee , a Ministerial Search Committee, four years on the Board (Trustee at Large, President-Elect, President and Past President), was Team Leader for Stewardship, and now serves on the  Endowment Committee and is rejoining the Board as President Elect.


Finance Trustee

Michael Dierickx joined Northwest in the summer of 1991 after his wife Constance and daughter April returned from a Sunday service and talked about how they were so warmly greeted on their first visit. During his first visit, the next Sunday, he also felt the warmth of the congregation as well as many differences from his Catholic experience, most notably that many services were lay led, no priest. Michael and Constance signed the book to become members within a month. They both became involved quickly and Michael has been a choir member going back to the mid-90’s. Currently he serves as a member of the Board of Trustees as the Finance Trustee, a position he has held previously. He has also been Board President and a member or leader of several committees/ministries at NWUUC. He continue to enjoy the theology of Unitarian Universalism, especially the way it is practiced at Northwest.

Secretary Becki Gregory

Becki Gregory has been a member of Northwest since 2009 and a UU since 1977. She served on the search committee that resulted in the congregation’s call of Reverend Terry Davis and has been on the Personnel Committee as well.

By profession, Becki works as a human resources manager with responsibility for her company’s Canadian operations. An avid outdoors person, she likes to do almost anything outside, particularly if it involves water. She shares her home with two cats.


Hannah CowartHannah Cowart hails from south/central Georgia and spends much of her free time driving those old country roads visiting family. She first found the UU faith in Athens, GA, and was a member of High Street UU in Macon briefly before finding her home at Northwest in 2013. She works in HR at the Georgia Forestry Commission.

At Northwest, she has been involved with the Youth RE program, serves as an Usher and Worship Associate, and enjoys getting involved in minor projects as needs arise.



Bill Cox joined Northwest 15 years ago. He was president twice, each time involving three years on the Board of Trustees. He has led the buildings and grounds and second hour teams, and has served as a worship associate, a Sunday school teacher and an adviser with the youth group. He has just rejoined the Board as an At-Large Trustee. Bill’s wife Dianne, who is Presbyterian, is a friend of Northwest.


glenn kollerGlenn Koller was born in Buffalo, NY and raised in the Catholic church. After receiving his M.S. in geochemistry and Ph.D. in geophysics at Syracuse University, Glenn moved to Aiken, SC to start his first professional job at Savannah River Laboratory. While living in Aiken, a coworker introduced Glenn to the Unitarian congregation in Augusta, GA. Later, Glenn moved to Tulsa, OK where he participated in the Hope and, later, All Souls Unitarian congregations. Especially at Hope, Glenn served in a wide variety of positions and roles. With his wife, Karen, Glenn moved to Dunwoody in July 2012. He first attended Northwest, coincidentally, on the same day Terry started her ministry.

Immediate Past President

david_nwuucDavid Morgen first came to Northwest in 2003, shortly after moving to Atlanta. Since then, he has served in the Earth Ministry and Learning Ministry, taught in the religious education program, and sung in the choir.

David is the assistant director of the Writing Program at Emory University. His own writing currently focuses on  a book of creative nonfiction about growing up and raising his younger brother through some very difficult circumstances.

David acts in community theater, plays guitar in a cheesy rock cover band, pursues an interest in photography, and sometimes paints. His daughters, Ella and Chloe, are in the religious education program at Northwest.