June 25, 10 am: The Make-Believe World of Religion

The title of this sermon might appear a bit irreverent, but there is a sound theological basis to the idea of religion as play. Cultural theorists and anthropologists have noted that the elements of human behavior that make us playful are also those that make religion possible. Religion only fulfills its purpose when it functions as a sort of sacred play.

For nine years Rev. Fred Howard has served as minister of the Valdosta UU Church and continues to work part time as an emergency room physician. He has special interests in contemplative spirituality, mind-body medicine and  interfaith and intercultural exchange. He is a past board member of Project Harvest Hope, which works with our sister Unitarian congregations in Transylvania to promote sustainable economic development.

Worship Leader – Rev. Fred Howard
Worship Associate – Letitia Sweitzer
Music – William Fowler