Earth Day

Northwest celebrated Earth Day on April 24, 2016 with a warm, sun-filled day including after-service activities.

Dave Zenner, our Earth Ministry Team Leader, shared the personal journey of his transition from owning a gas guzzling SUV to a fuel-sipping Prius. Dave said that driving a less powerful car has caused him to slow down amidst the increasingly frantic pace of life in Atlanta, and begin to appreciate a more intimate relationship with the Earth.

In her sermon, Rev. Davis continued the hopeful spirit of this Earth Day celebration. She spoke of encouraging world trends in combating climate change. Among the trends she noted were:

  • The Paris Agreement of 2015 and its global plans to deal with greenhouse gas emissions
  • The continuing drop in the cost of generating solar energy, putting solar on track to be the largest source of electricity generation by 2050
  • The rapid world expansion of renewable power capacity each year, exceeding that of coal, natural gas, and oil combined.

Rev. Davis also reflected on the passing of Roger Johnson, a Northwest and Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta member and long time environmental activist, who died on Earth Day. Roger surely would have been pleased by the energy and spirit of this Earth Day Sunday service.

20160424_114255 Creative Labs Pot PaintingAfter the service, people mingled at the Green Market table, painted flower pots at a Creative Lab session, read about recycling and looked under the hoods of alternate transportation vehicles.

Alternate transportation vehicles on display included an all-electric Leaf, an electric BMW with its tiny two-gallon gas tank, a hybrid Prius and a Fusion. For those that really wanted to put the pedal to the metal, an electric assist bike was available to consider for one’s morning compute. For longer journeys, the Bike Friday tandem, ridden by church members Marcia and Keith Kreycik across the country after attending 2015 General Assembly in Portland, OR, was offered as another means to move from Point A to Point B.

Our Northwest Earth Ministry puts into action our 7th Unitarian Universalist principle “respect for the interdependent web of all existence” and helps us remember that Mother Earth is indeed our Blue Boat Home.