Northwest and MDI collaborate for WAWA

Men Working On Walkway FrameOn Saturday, August 8th, members of the Atlanta Chapter of MDI, Mentor- Discover-Inspire, an international men’s service group, collaborated with members of NWUUC to support WAWA at their Outdoor Activity Center in southwest Atlanta. The men of MDI contributed the sweat, and NWUUC friends and members contributed the materials to construct a new 50 ft. section of boardwalk through a wetlands area of the OAC nature trails.

At their Outdoor Activity Center the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA) offers an outdoor learning experience for groups of young people from throughout the city. NWUUC has partnered with WAWA for many years in support of its mission to promote environmental justice, ecological education, and exposure to the wonders of the natural world.

This fall, Northwest members will have an opportunity to visit and experience WAWA at the Outdoor Activity Center as one of the “Seven on the Seventh” series of intergenerational second hour programs exploring the many facets of our Seventh Principle. Stay tuned for more information!